Interested in becoming a pilot? Why not learn to fly in one of the most beautiful settings on earth. The airspace over Jackson Hole Airport is the ideal training environment to pursue a pilots license. Learn to navigate in complex weather and mountainous terrain. Master communications in a Class D airspace, utilizing ATC (Air Traffic Control) amongst a mix of general aviation and commercial traffic. Take advantage of our top of the line airplane: Cessna R172K Hawk XP II – a proven training platform with upgraded modern avionics and safety features.

Work towards your:

Airplane Single Engine (ASEL)

ASEL Private License

ASEL Commercial License

ASEL Instrument Rating

We also offer:

Introductory Flight Lessons

Mountain Flying Lessons

High Performance Endorsement

Tailwheel Endorsement

Jackson Hole Airspace Orientation



Flight Circle



Gold Seal


Introductory Flight


Have you ever dreamed of becoming a pilot?  Join us for an introductory flight lesson. This discounted one hour lesson includes 60 minutes behind the controls and a 60 minute ground briefing to give you the basic idea of what it means to be a pilot.

Meet your certified pilot instructor in the General Aviation Terminal before accompanying them to the R172K Cessna Hawk XP II for a preflight inspection. Inside the dual-control cockpit, you will go over the basic controls before takeoff. Learn to start the engine and taxi out to the runway before handing over the controls to the pilot for takeoff. Once airborne, you will have the opportunity to try several basic maneuvers. After 60 minutes of flying, you will return to the hangar for a detailed ground brief in which all of your questions about flying and obtaining a pilot’s license will be answered.

Plane Rental


Our Cessna R172K Hawk XP II will be available for rental to flight students pursuing a license and to select pilots after being “checked out” by one of our pilots. Inquire for more information.

1978 Cessna R172K “Hawk XP II”

EngineContinental IO-360KB, 210 HP, Fuel Injected

PropellerMcCauley 2A34C Constant Sped Propeller

Avionics: Modern Garmin Avionics:
530W & 430W GPS, GTX330 Transponder w/ TIS-A, Auto
Pilot with GPSS Steering

ExtrasSportsman STOL kit, B.A.S. Inc. Internal Reel Shoulder Harness System


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