While experiencing Jackson Hole, nothing quite compares to seeing the breath-taking natural beauty from the sky. Soaring along the Tetons, you will escape into glittering alpine lakes, distant waterfalls and wild canyons for a truly Grand experience.

At Fly Jackson Hole, we give travelers the opportunity to tour the Teton range from above. All in the comfort of our safe aircraft, with the convenience of departing from the Jackson Hole Airport. At our core we provide high quality scenic tours while practicing responsible tourism.

Scenic Tours

We provide a high quality flying experience while practicing responsible tourism.  We offer tours from 8:30am to 5:00pm that are 60-90 minutes long throughout the day.  Our tours are for families, friends, couples and more.  Our planes can accomodate up to 7 passengers at a time.  View our packages

Photo & Video Flights

We offer commercial photographers and videographers a chance to capture the captivating and scenic aerials of the Greater Jackson Hole area.  All photo and video flight in Grand Teton and Yellowstone national parks are conducted according to regulations and with proper permits from the controlling agency.  For pricing in more info contactus@flyjacksonhole.com or give us a call at (307)201-4538.


Flight Instruction

We offer flight instruction to aspiring and current pilots looking for certifications, ratings, and mountain flying experience.  Services available include ground and flight instruction, pre and post flight briefings, and preparation for knowledge and practical exams.  We also offer recurrent training and provide biannual flight reviews.  Learn to navigate in complex weather, mountainous terrain, work with air traffic control and master communications in Class D airspace. Send Mail

Aircraft Rental

We offer aircraft rentals for students pursuing a license and to pilots that have received a “check out” by one of our pilots.  Our Cessna R172K Hawk XP II is available for rent.  Learn more


Peter Lindell

Peter was born and raised in Wausau, Wisconsin. He attended the University of Wisconsin, Madison. After graduating with BA in Marketing and Management in 1996, he ventured west and landed in Jackson Hole. He began flying in 2001, beneath the nylon wing of a paraglider.  With the desire to spend more time in the air, he began flying lessons in a Cessna 172N, N62463, at Jackson Hole Aviation in 2003.

“You can learn something every time you fly”

Peter has a diverse background in aviation. He completed Private, Instrument, Commercial, and Flight Instructor training at Westminster College (Part 141 Flight School) in Salt Lake City, Utah. He enjoyed training in a disciplined, professional environment and strives to bring that level of professionalism to Fly Jackson Hole. He also completed a First Officer Training Program in a BE-99, and explored the Idaho backcountry in a Cessna 185. He has worked as a ferry pilot for Aviat Aircraft. He has worked on the line, fueling and providing services aircraft at Jackson Hole Aviation. Peter has given over 700 hours of flight instruction and has accumulated over 1,800 hours of total time. Peter also worked as a Corporate Pilot, in the Co-Pilot position for N88JH, a Beech BE200 Super King Air based at the Jackson Hole Airport.

From April 2011 to April 2014, Peter flew as a commercial pilot and instructor for Teton Aviation Center in Driggs, ID. At Teton Aviation Center, he trained students from Private Pilot through Commercial certifications. He provided tail wheel instruction, endorsements in various aircraft, and mountain flying instruction. He regularly flew as a tow pilot, airplane scenic pilot, glider scenic pilot and numerous photo/video missions.

Peter is excited to build on his experience and continue learning about the vast world of aviation. He views aviation as a lifetime learning experience and believes that you can learn something every time you fly. He enjoys offering aviation services that are complementary to the existing services provided by Jackson Hole Aviation.  He hopes to grow help sustain and grow the general aviation community in Jackson Hole. His two aircraft, N736YN (Cessna Hawk XP II), and N307JH (Cessna Turbo Stationair 8) are currently based in T-Hangars 5&10 at the Jackson Hole Airport. He has on-site office space for the base of operations.

Niki Sue Mueller

Niki Sue Mueller is the marketing director and co-founder of Fly Jackson Hole. But ask her “what she does” and she won’t hesitate to say that she is the full time mother of two delightful children, Ruby and Remy. A longtime resident of the Jackson area, Niki Sue developed a passion for flying under the paper thin fabric of a nylon wing Before having children, Niki Sue was a well known paragliding pilot in the Jackson Area, with advanced and tandem ratings. In the early years of their marriage, Niki Sue and Pete loved nothing more than to share the joys of flying the famous thermals of Jackson. While she had to put paragliding on hold as a mother, she loves to fly along the peaks of the Tetons from the comfort and safety of a Fly JH airplane.

Prior to launching Fly JH, Niki was the Program Director for the Wyoming Through With Chew organization, a Jackson-based non-profit dedicated to mitigating addiction to chewing tobacco.  For 10 years, she managed major media campaigns, directed the small but dedicated staff, and grw the annual budget.

In her spare time, depending on the season, you’ll find Niki rupping powder turns, teaching yoga to her dedicated students, or tubing down Flat Creek with her children.

Fly Jackson Hole

Jeff Rettig

Originally from New Jersey, Jeff spent his childhood weekends at the local airport with his parents Dave and Rae.  Both avid pilots and the owners of a 1967 Cessna 172, aviation was a large part of his life.  Family vacations, Sunday brunch and the occasional special dinners were all skyward-bound adventures.

Jeff moved to Wyoming in 1996 to fulfill his dream of living in the mountains.  It wasn’t until a few years later, while flying one of his RC airplanes, he realized it was time to take flight.  He recalls going to his intro flight and the weather grounded them.  They asked him to reschedule and he thought for a moment “I don’t need an intro flight, lets just do it”.  He received his license in 2011, his instrument rating in 2012, commercial license in 2013, and CFII in 2015.  He also holds his tail-wheel endorsement and the majority of his flying experience is in the mountains surrounding Jackson Hole.

Married shortly after receiving his private pilots license and now having 2 beautiful daughters, a change was needed. As a chef for almost 30 years and the demanding schedule that came with it, sharing his passion for flight was a welcomed change.

When he is not flying “real airplanes” he can be found flying his RC airplanes, fishing, skiing the backcountry and spending time with his family.  Come fly with Jeff and let him share his knowledge and passion of flight with you.

David Coyle

Pilot David Coyle is a fixture in the skies above Jackson. A resident of Jackson for 40 years, David has been a pilot for almost 3 decades, logging over 8000 hrs flying time in diverse terrain. Over the years he has shared his vast experience and skill working as an instructor at Central Wyoming College, Satellite Aero and Jackson Hole Aviation. Outside of his instruction work, David has been flying as a charter pilot since 1993. Notably he worked as a pilot for the U.S. Forest Service and Department of the Interior, flying planes to assist with wildland fire work, surveillance, resource reconnaissance, aerial surveying and insect and disease infestation. His work with the USFS took him to the skies in Wyoming, Idaho, Washington, Utah, Colorado and Nevada.

David is an accomplished and lifelong carpenter. When his feet are on the ground you might find him skiing, fly fishing or bird hunting. While flying fulfills David’s sense of adventure, he says the most important part of his life has been his two daughters, Annie and husband Reed who live in Colorado Springs and Whitney, who lives in Austin, TX.



We seek to enrich people’s lives by providing outstanding adventure experiences that are safe, fun, and comfortable. We personally encourage and actively support awareness, respect, and preservation of our natural ecosystems, wildlife, and surrounding National Parks.


We strive…

To maintain sustainable growth at all levels of our operations
To operate responsible tourism
To give the highest quality of service possible to our clientele
To involve local communities
To conserve and protect the environment and all that lives within
To provide ongoing training for our staff and guides
To educate our staff and clients about safety

We are sensitive to and understand the noise impact made by our aircrafts. We operate the quietest airplanes providing tours near Grand Teton National Park and the Jackson Hole area. All scenic tours will be conducted within a 25 nautical mile radius of the JH Airport, remaining outside of the noise sensitive areas.